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First Class Product Analysis
The operating systems of FF-AR series use advanced computers to automatically control and reveal the whole ice making process which makes for easy and convenient operation.The machine will be running smoothly, hard to break and obviously it is very low maintenance as well.

The indication can be showed on the PC board if there something goes wrong then the machine will be turned of itself and the instruction warning lights will be on. Such as:

  • Ice Full
  • Lack of Water
  • Wrong Rotating Direction
  • Evap / Cond Temperature Too High
  • High and Low Pressure Alarm etc.

So it will make your life absolutely easier to judge the failure of operation.
The evaporator is made of high quality, low temperature alloy steel. We use once shaped technology to prevent the evaporator form the following problems such as the blocked refrigeration system due to the dirt which caused by welding, the reduced conductivity coefficient which consequently will decrease the heat-exchanging efficiency and so on. Therefore our products have highly economical energy consumption and it will cut the cost of running significantly.

The design of stationary and vertical evaporator is innovated in order to avoid the leaking problem form the refrigeration system due to the wear and tear in between the seal and shaft of a rolling operation on horizontal drum.
So our products will last a lot longer and it is unlikely to have the leaking problem.

It is great idea to rotate the blade instead of drum, it will reduce the resistance of movement tremendously, save a lot of energy, decrease the noise, get rid of the ice powder and so forth.

If it is needed FF-AR series ice making machine can be equipped with CX300-D, CX400-D, CX600-D/DZ, CX800-D/DZ and CX1200-D/DZ type of ice storage bin depends on the production output of the machine.