SAMEMAX REFRIGERATION commercial refrigeration products are available through a large network of distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and resellers across the country, in addition to select catalogue and online retailers.Our sales representatives are always ready to assist you in finding the right seller for your needs.If you would like any further information about us or any of our refrigeration products or services, please contact us on the details below.

Plug-In Multideck

Curved Glass Door Freezer

Plug-In Service Counter

Plug-In Island Freezer

Plug-In Island Freezer

samemax plug in island freezer

Upright Refrigerator

Under Counter Freezer Refrigerator

SAMEMAX Refrigeration 2

SAMEMAX Refrigeration 1

Cake Display Showcase 2

Cake Display Showcase 1

Reach-In Display Chiller (Piping)

Reach-In Display Chiller (Blower)